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CROSS CHECK CANCER Womens Hockey Tournament
Rules & Regulations
Team Rules
  • All players must be at least 18 years old to participate and can only be rostered on one team per division.  Exceptions made for Goalies only.
  • All teams must register and pay online in order to participate.
  • All players must be registered and on the roster prior to the start of the tournament.  No substitutions or last minute add-ons.  Unrostered players caught playing in the tournament will be ejected immediately and the game will result in a forfeit for the offending team.
  • Players should bring both light and dark jerseys, including numbers on the back.  Home team wears light and away team wears dark.
  • Teams are requested to be ready to start their tournament game 15 minutes before their designated start times.
  • Players must check in at the registration table before the start of each game and should come prepared to present a valid photo ID.
Game Rules

USA Hockey Adult rules will be observed with the following exceptions:

  • Three 12 minute stop time periods.
  • Minor penalties with be 1:30 and Major penalties will be 3:00.
  • Any player receiving four (4) minor penalties in one game will be ejected for the remainder of the game with no further suspension.
  • Fighting majors will result in immediate suspension from the tournament, No Exceptions, No Refunds!
  • Slap shots are allowed.
  • Referees decisions are final!  There will be no protests!
  • One, 1 minute time out is allowed in the championship game ONLY.
Standings & Seedings
  • All results and Standings will be updated on
  • Teams should not assume their final seedings position, but wait for final seedings to be posted to the Tournament Website Page so that all Tie Breakers can be calculated & confirmed!
  • Tie-Breaking Rules are detailed below
Tie-Breaking Rules to Determine Standings Position

1. Total Wins

2. Fewest Goals Against

3. Goal Differential All Games

4. Total Goals

Division Guidelines
  • Rec level: 2 years or less experience.
  • D Level: 30 and over or less than 5 years of playing experience. Players are adult learners or players who are older and have not competed at higher levels for several years. There should not be any C-level players registering at this level.
  • C/D level: mix of C and D level players. Teams should aim for a 50/50 mix of C and D-level players.
  • C level: 18 and over, players generally have high school and some college level playing experience and do not regularly compete above C level. Players with divisional or professional play experience in the past 5 years are ineligible.
  • B level: 18 and over, players generally have college level playing experience and compete regularly compete at B level or above.