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CROSS CHECK CANCER Womens Hockey Tournament

2023 - $65,052.94

2022 - $41,505.76

2021 - $31,608.07

2020 - $1,000.00 (Covid-19 Cancellation)

2019 - $14,130.80

2018 - $10,382.36

2017 - $10,072.88

2016 - $5,200.00

TOTAL = $178,952.81

100% of the proceeds this year will go to Dana Farber’s Adult Survivorship Program

Our tournament has been honored to have women play who are cancer survivors. We feel that the Dana-Farber Adult Cancer Survivorship Program is particularly aligned with the support that is needed by cancer survivors to regain the physical and emotional strength to pursue their passions both on and off the ice. Physicians in the program, such as Jennifer Ligibel, MD, focus their research on the benefits of exercise for cancer survivors and help guide them regarding issues to be aware of before starting an exercise program.

With a deep understanding of issues specific to women’s health, nutrition, and exercise this program offers many services that help support a healthy return for cancer survivors to pursue their passions.

Dana-Farber’s Adult Survivorship Program, part of the Perini Family Survivors’ Center, serves patients treated for cancer as an adult (age 21 or older) to find expertise, education, and support to help manage issues related to surviving cancer. This includes managing the risk of second cancers, understanding the long-term effects of treatment, and addressing social, physical, or psychological concerns.

The physicians, nurses, researchers, and psychologists in the Adult Survivorship Program are experts in survivorship, and work with patients and their primary care physician to create a plan for living well beyond cancer. Patients are provided with a comprehensive summary of recommendations that can serve as a useful guide to the patient and primary care doctor, outlining potential late effects and offering helpful medical information related past treatment and future care.

Patients do not need to have been treated at Dana-Farber to be seen in the Adult Survivorship Program.